Important Note!

Dear Guests

We would like to point out that Baan Suan Villa and Baan Suan Villa 2 are no longer connected to each other. "Baan Suan Villa 2" and our restaurant "The Inn" remain under our management. Same proven leadership style, management solely through us. Well-known personnel!
Rooms with Seaview or forest view. Apartments in both houses. Baan Suan Villa 2 remains German - we no longer have any influence on Villa 1.
Thank you very much for your understanding and support!
Your Management Villa 2
Kung & Heiko



Sunday - February 28, 2021

Weather: 28°C


Garlic Bread 80 Baht
Onion Rings 80 Baht
Shrimps Tempura 140 Baht
Spring Rolls 100 Baht
French Fries 80 Baht
Small Salad 80 Baht
Big Salad 120 Baht
Tuna Salad 150 Baht
Fitness Salad - Big mixed Salad with grilled Chicken 150 Baht